Monday, November 17, 2014

Just over two weeks...and off to one year in Budapest!

So here I's November 17th and I leave December 4th.  It seems a million days away and's only just over 2 weeks!  YIKES.  Let me just recap what I'm doing since my last blog post was several months ago:).
I'm heading back to Europe...for a one year volunteer commitment.  Budapest, Hungary is where I will be based and volunteering with the Nazarene Church.  I'm working with a gentleman that is the Field Director - so he is over several countries and the ministries that go on in each one.  Various ministries going on in the countries such as planting churches, coffee shops, trafficking shelters, the list goes on but bottom line it is about reaching out to people!  He has asked that I assist him working with finances, processes, documentation etc - so administrative kind of work.  That will be good - I'm fairly comfortable with that.  Also he and his wife have asked me to become involved with a children's homeless shelter work that is currently going on and a women's trafficking shelter that is currently growing.  Those things are new to me and quite exciting.
Am I nervous? - Yes and no...I'm more excited.  To learn, grow, live and love.  I have so much to learn and I'm trusting through that I will grow a lot as well!  Living and loving - thanks to many wonderful people in my life...that part is easy.  I'm excited to meet more amazing people but leaving family and friends for a year has been a bit difficult to get my brain around.  It's kind of a long time!  I'm very thankful for communication methods such as this blog, FaceBook, FaceTime, Skype, email and even postcards and phone calls!  Please keep in touch - it means a lot.
Have I packed? no - started but oh so far to go.  How to pack for a year?...and cold weather at that?  Just the coat, boots, gloves, scarf and hat take way too much room up in the suitcase.  Obviously whoever set the baggage limits on airlines has not moved over seas for any length of time at all.  I have to keep telling myself to keep it simple - I can do wash and don't need 'stuff'!
Am I fully funded? Another no...I posted the following (see below in italics) on FaceBook last week - but would like to ask for your help as well if you feel so led.  I would appreciate any gifts at's a write off for you so hope that helps you as well!:).
So that is where I am...I look forward to getting back to blogging more regularly over the coming months.  Again...please keep in touch - I do love to hear from you all!
Take care and blessings to you as we head into this Thanksgiving time...I am very thankful for each of you...certainly still agree that life is good and God is wwaaaaaay better!

For my FB friends and may know that a year ago I left my job of 27 years and left to volunteer in Poland.  I worked at a Coffee Shop called Sweet Surrender.  Connecting with people, employees and learning a bit of volunteer missions. I loved every minute of it...returned to Sacramento in June and wasn't sure what was next.  Over the next few months; I spent time with lots of family and was comtemplating/seeking my future.  
I was asked to return to the Central European Field associated with the Nazarene Church - and I accepted.  I've been asked to work with some administrative work such as finances, processes, and training.  Along with that I am privileged to be asked to work with a homeless children shelter and a women's trafficking shelter.  I'm a bit nervous but mostly excited!!!  I have agreed to volunteer for the next year...through mid-December 2015.
I'm asking for donations to support my work while I am based in Budapest, Hungary.  My living expenses are expected to be approximately $1,000 a month.  You will get a receipt - Are you willing to support me - one time donation or perhaps a monthly payment?  Online: or mail checks to Fremont Presbyterian Church - 5770 Drive/Sacramento, Ca 95819 - Hungary in the memo line.
Thanks for your consideration...I look forward to sharing with you on my blog - of my work, my challenges, and my adventures!  

Much love,