Tuesday, February 17, 2015

'Magyar Posta' - Connecting - love, joy, giving

People are so amazing.  How do we ever ‘connect’ with people and REALLY get to know them?  A couple ways I have known in my life are sharing meals with people, sharing or going through a tough time together and probably even sharing an experience (such as work) with somebody.  But even with each of those; we can be guarded.  We let people only know what we think is ok for them to know.  And yet…what about the man/lady at the post office, grocery store, coffee shop or even the bank that we kinda ‘connect’ with?  I also enjoy these types of connections.   

I had the best time stopping by the post office to pay a bill last Friday!  It was kind of hilarious for me – the one using sign language most of the time these days.  BUT – laughter is a universal language!

First – just know that you can do most everything at the post office here in Hungary.  Of course the normal mailing and picking up of packages (I received my first package last week…wooo hooo!)  but other things as well.   Parking ticket?...yep – paid that there.  Bills to pay?...yep – head to the ‘Magyar Posta’ (Hungarian Post).  Kind of one stop shopping.

So obviously I’ve been to the post office a few times and this lady recognized me (maybe just the smiley American with no Hungarian skills) and she waved me over and smiled, etc etc.  I handed her the bill I was paying and as I handed it to her it ripped at the perforation.  She just started laughing…she had to tape it back together because it has to go through a machine first, and then she cut it where it was taped and gave me my portion for my receipt.  The receipt ripped, she was out of tape AND she dropped the money that was on the counter that I paid with…not a real smooth day for the ‘Posta’ lady last Friday!  But all this time we were giggling together…quietly of course – that is how it is done here but it was a ‘connecting’ moment for me.  So I thought it was fun.  We shall see how she reacts the next time I go into the ‘Posta’ – if she will wave me over or just ignore meJ.

The next day was Valentine’s Day…which I want to share here what I posted on FaceBook because it is just so true for me.  Valentine’s has not historically been my favorite day in my lifetime…I just don’t have a ‘special’ someone to share it with and yet…I have many!  I watched the movie Marvin’s Room quite a few years ago and was just in tears at this point in the film…when Diane Keaton (Bessie – also an older, single person) talks about the amazing love she has been able to experience because of the people she is able to love!  It was not about the receiving of love but the giving of love that brought her great joy.  God has brought amazing people into my life that I am able to receive great joy in loving!  Even some that surprise me – maybe not easy for me to love but I do and can because it is God’s love and joy in me that enables me to give love to othersJ. 

Below are Bessie’s lines:
"...I've had such love in my life. You know, I look back, and I've had such...such love.
...I mean that I love them. I've been so lucky to have been able to love someone so much."

So all this to say – people are amazing.  I enjoy the family relationships, friend relationships and the random daily connections that are available to me and to all of us.  I pray that I treat each one with care and love…they are precious to me.  Thank you for being in my life!  Life is good…God is waaaay better and I trust that comes through not only from my words in each of the relationships and connections that I make but my actions, facial expressions and sign language in foreign countries!

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