Monday, August 31, 2015

Just a few observations for today!

Just some observations - perhaps questions along with them:

I love singing loudly in the car (when I’m alone), making up my own tunes and words about life going on around me.  I think maybe somebody could use my lyrics…come to think of it I ‘follow’ Taylor Swift on Facebook…hmmm…J.

·       Going somewhere new always seems to take forever to arrive and not as long to return…how/why is that?!  Crazy

·       Moving day?...just plan one and see the summer temperatures rise…guaranteed!

·       Synonyms for express: rapid, swift, fast, quick, speedy, and high-speed.  Please keep these words in mind as you choose the ‘express checkout’…or not.

·       Lots of media coverage in this part of the world about the refugee/migrant issue that is hitting Europe.  I agree – work needs to be done.  I can even see how I can help in small ways…such as going to the train station in Budapest and donating food, hygiene items and hanging out with kids painting faces, making bead bracelets etc. (was heart-breaking but oh so awesome).
o   But what about the root of the problem?...what is being done, where is the outcry for fixing the issue of radical religion causing so much abuse, hurt, pain and death?  I don’t know how I can personally help in this issue but there has got to be a way?

·       EVERYBODY has a story…it is awesome to sit down with people and hear their story.  I have had a chance over the past couple of weeks to talk with various Hungarians over tea or food or prayer… 
o   Laci, (rhymes with yahtzee) the maintenance guy at the local international school talking about his dream to learn English in America and showing me how to plaster a wall. 
o   Ildiko, the lady heading up the anti-trafficking prayer…her take on St. Stephen and the way he ‘Christianized’ Hungary as well as the mindset of Hungarians today because of their dependence on government during communist times.  Very interesting.
o   Monika, a friend that let me make American pancakes for she and her family as we laughed trying to talk Hunglish for a few hours.  Always good.
o   Bea, as she re-lived her year she spent in Taft, CA as a senior in high school.  It made me miss home!  Fun to hear her take on American stuff such as ice cream (different and the size of scoops are definitely different!), Halloween and the ocean!

·       There is a certain ‘ache’ being so far away from family and friends.  Making new friends is good fun but there is still an ache of sorts.  I haven’t figured this part out of living here; maybe it’s just a fact and I just need to deal.  I guess that’s what others do.

·       Older ladies are awesome. (Since I’m in my 50’s…I would say older are late 60’s and above)…  Getting to know a few this past Saturday that I had met earlier in the year – loved it!  Eszter – my new favorite!

·       Dogs are crazy…really – how can they truly be that excited each time I come home? 

·       Wild fires have a mind of their own – hopping, skipping and jumping wherever they may.  So dangerous and oh so real and close to towns in the West!

·       Learning a new language – professionals say it is good for the mind; keeps it alert, sharp blah, blah, blah…I say? confuses your language from that point on! What sound is an ‘o’…like in out, over or obnoxious….?  English is awesome in many ways with only 26 letters to our alphabet…but other languages have some great stuff too like different letters for the different sounds like o, ö, ó, ő.

·       Tears and laughter – both sooooo good.  I believe I do a lot of both! 

·       “Sweet Georgia brown” is a really good expression in so many instances!

·       Metric system…PLEASE  can somebody explain to me why the U.S. did not go to this or teach it?  We started to learn it back in the day but we stopped…

·       Getting new keys to anything, apartment, house, car... whatever; awesome feeling!

·       Blogging is fun, life is good and God is waaaay better!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

fire, loss and elephants - oh my!

Here is the thing…my blogs just aren’t ‘rolling off the keyboard’ like they have in the past.  Lately I have been thinking of loss – I have news recently of a friend’s only sibling passing away, a lady at my previous employer died suddenly from an aneurysm and a friend’s wife died suddenly as well.  Then came the fires that are burning in Grant County, Oregon where I grew up – my parents on ‘alert’ to be evacuated but thankfully have not needed to leave their home.  Still the fire rages on at some 43,000 acres and 26 homes lost with so many people working on it.

I cannot say I know much loss in my life.  I’ve had some other hardships but not real loss per se’.  So when I say in my blogs that life is good and God is way better…what does that mean?  How do others take that?  I am of the personality that I don’t want to offend others and I really prefer no confrontation!  I admire and yet somewhat fear those that meet those things head on…and yet – I am fairly strong in my stances/opinions and viewpoints.

So when I say life is good and God is way better – I BELIEVE THAT with all my heart and mind.  My life is better because of God – pain and loss will come with life.  There is always bad mixed in with good, evil in with holy.  I believe that to be true since the Garden of Eden actually…and so it continues.

Good - the fire has brought that whole community and county together in a way that has not happened any time that I remember in the past.  The death of friends – I’m not sure where the good will be but I know because of a death; friends/family share many memories and sentiments that may not be shared easily…and the healing process begins.  There is a saying – how do you eat an elephant? bite at a time.  I think of that so often in life – work, shelter, anti-trafficking, personal hurt, friends/family hurt…you name it.  IT ALL IS LIFE – and that is good because God is waaay better.  We have hope, faith, belief in that and we keep on eating the elephantJ.  Much love to my home town/county – and much love to those that hurt and are healing from whatever it may be...peace and hope to you all!  

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday's child :)

August 2, 2015

Birthdays – some like them, some don’t.  I happen to enjoy birthdays.  Today is my birthday and it is a Sunday…. perfect combination!  I was born on a Sunday.  I love that – and my Mom always recited that poem about the day of the week you were born on…and I love that too!

Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
But the child who is born on the Sabbath day
Is fair and wise and good in every way.

So my thought this year was to be in Venice, Italy on my birthday, it’s only 6’ish hours away and a friend of mine lives halfway so we had talked about going together.  That didn’t quite work out but it was even better – I started my birthday last Thursday – so it was a festival this year! J.  I WAS in Venice, Italy on Thursday – and it was amazing!  I mean…who hasn’t watched a bunch of movies that were filmed in Venice? racing on the Grand Canal, treasures being dropped into the water and taken away by boat, love stories and murder scenes on the San Marco Piazza with the many pigeons surrounding them (no, I didn’t feed them).....on and on I could go.  AND I WAS THERE.  I took the boat on the Grand Canal, walked through San Marco Piazza, walked through the beautiful yet narrow alleyways amongst all the canals, ate risotto at a restaurant in Venice…there – I did all that!  Awesome.  Then the next day drove the country roads out of Venice…just meandering and the destination was the Croatian coast that night.  So…what better to do than end up putting my feet in the Adriatic Sea in 3 countries all in 1 day!...Trieste, Italy, Koper, Slovenia and Fažana, Croatia!  It was very fun and the country that we drove through was awesome, beautiful, all so very amazing to see. I enjoyed each moment.  Ended up back in Zagreb, Croatia last night, went to church this morning followed by a yummy Croatian lunch AND my birthday cake was a sundae from McDonalds…yaaaay!  Many family and friends greeted me via Face Time, texts, emails, Facebook and even cards sent here to Hungary…thank you all!  It has been a great birthday – life is good and God is waaaayyy better.  Thank you all – much love from this part of His amazing creation!