Friday, May 29, 2015

Somewhere over the Atlantic...

May 28, 2015...somewhere over the Atlantic
My heart is full...and yet there are really so many dear people that I did not see and get to hug or talk wiith or even share a laugh with over the past 10 days.
Don't get me wrong...the 10 days were packed and I did get to see A LOT of people--I truly did love each moment!!!!   Doctor appointments, book club, church, baseball game, lunches, dinners, breakfast requests....hmmmm...people must know me!  Two graduation parties, one graduation, little bit of shopping (again...if you know me--I don't care to shop but my dear, sweet Mom kind of does when it is for her kids so I obliged:). I did lay down a two store rule...and no mall!  I also spent a chunk of time in a Sprint store...holy moly...cell phones can be kind of time consuming!!
It was all wonderful and now I'm heading 'home' again...Budapest home. I recall a blog from last year about my heart being torn...where is home?  Really still quite a dilemma in my little mind.  I texted my sister as I was boarding the plane...I found myself humming ' America the Beautiful'. Isn't that odd...ironic...subliminal...something?
So the normal enjoyments....being able to read all the signs is a huge one to me. And being able to understand conversations around me. Not much hand motion/sign language stuff needed here:)!  I enjoyed the vast and varied country with open roads...I drove from Sacramentonto to Boise...desert, mountains, farmland, purple mountain majesty!! 
So here I sit on an 11 hour flight to Frankfurt thinking of the weeks and months coming up. Looking forward to seeing the English Club kids-- they have worked their way into my heart:). Anxious to see the shelter kids...knowing I need to learn Hungarian better to be able to really connect with them. Wondering about an English/sport camp I have signed up for at the end of can I contribute and what will the teens be like--can I connect with them in just a week?  I should be traveling to various countries getting to know people and ministries going on in this field I am working in...I am sure I will enjoy that!  Beginning to do more with the Hungary network of people within the anti-trafficking world - certainly a learning experience.  Also, I will be house-sitting over the summer..and taking care of two dogs...a pug and a bulldog...yikes. When fall arrives I'm not sure where I will be living so I need to work on that as well.
Life is good....I do enjoy it all, because God is waayyyy better, of that I'm very sure!!!  So goes the story of my last 10 days and looking forward to the coming days. Getting to see people and spending a moment, an hour or day(s) with them...all great--thank you!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hiking, driving, training, busing,'s all good:)

One week and I head back to the U.S. for my nephew’s graduation in Boise, Idaho!  I’m quite excited since I think I will be able to see quite a few friends and family – yaaaaay!  First a few days in Sacramento and then onto Boise and head back to Budapest with my Mom and Dad so they can be here for another nephew that is graduating.  What a great time of celebration – love it all!

The past couple of weeks have been interesting – I spent a couple days in Poznan, Poland; which is where I was for about 4 months last year volunteering at a coffee shop.  Very fun to see some coffee shop employees (and ex-employees too) while I was there and catch up with the volunteers who recently returned themselves to Poznan – great to see everybody!  Then a group of Baltic country leaders met in Świnoujście, Poland for some networking – great to meet some new people and learn how we can work together better!  Oh – and we took a hike to a lighthouse there – too funny – Google maps said 45 min. walk…we were all up for that…then it ended up to be about 6 kilometers longer…it just kept having signs…lighthouse (latarnia in Polish) 1 kilometer….the next sign said ‘latarnia 3 kilometers’…then the next sign ‘latarnia 900 meters’…you get the idea!  Holy moly – and all the while it was raining.  Awesome – that is one way to build memories with people for sure!

So then I started my journey home – had gotten a train ticket from Świnoujście to Berlin where I would fly back to Budapest.  One catch.... German train drivers were on strike that weekJ.  So I got as far as Szczecin, Poland and found out I would need to take a bus; then once I got to the middle of Berlin I had to get a taxi.  So that was a day of multiple forms of transportation – but it worked out so I was very thankful.  And very glad to see Josh picking me up at the Budapest airport!

Back in Budapest – full steam ahead for the musical I have been helping with, West Side Story.  Performances Friday and Saturday night and the high school kids did very well!  Their hard work paid off and the parents seemed pleased with performances etc.  This community of families at the school certainly is close, helpful and all in this together---no matter what ‘this’ is!  I enjoy that very much.

My car accident?...the car is getting fixed!  In fact – it may even be done this week.  So another thing to be thankful for – that is great news to this householdJ.  I don’t know much else right now so I will sign off saying that life is good, and God is waaaayyy better.  Take care and hopefully I can see you when I’m around California and Idaho from the 20th – 28th!

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