Monday, February 29, 2016

Heal well...

Healing from pain – how do we do it?  Physical pain needs healing and we may take herbs or medicine or exercise or…a variety of ways for healing – some short term and some long term.  But what about ‘heart pain’?  That is what has been on my mind for a while now.  We said goodbye to my Mom two months ago today, and I was at a memorial service for my nephew (cousin’s son) this past Friday night….he passed away very suddenly and was only 21 years old.  So that is deep heart pain…that kind of pain can actually feel like physical pain – it hurts! It is numbing really…shocking…I’m not even a parent and I can’t begin to imagine the pain.

So how do you heal?  How do I heal?  Perhaps to ask it more appropriately and could be part of the answer is “How do WE heal”?

I have not been in California all week but I’ll tell you what – what I have seen from afar is that this family has had an impact on their world.  They have literally 100’s of people at their house daily; their friends, family and the town have surrounded them with love and support.   It has been amazing to hear and see.  That love and support help in the healing process.  

The local high school, radio station and papers have been telling Coleman’s story – he was a very fun and giving person…he had an impact on people and places he touched.  The high school offered the gym for the service; it was full!  They had a candle light vigil at the football field on Wednesday night as Coleman loved and played the game of football very well.  All this helps in the healing process.

Coleman was engaged to be married and has a daughter on the way…so there was a memorial fund set up for that young family.  People heal by giving - there has been a lot of that going on!

I think of several ‘saints’ in my world; my Grandma and Grandpa – and Coleman’s Grandpa that he never knew and now, yes even my Mom and I’m sure others that are gathering around or strolling along – and I think they help us heal.  They come alongside us…

And certainly a service, memorial, or celebration or whatever you want to call it – but time set aside for honoring Coleman that was held Friday night…that helps the healing process.

So it hurts horribly, it is numbing and shocking – and I worry and pray for my cousin and his family and my sweet Aunt (Mom’s twin, Coleman’s Nana) and oh so many more that hold Coleman in their heart.  I pray for peace and arms holding them all – and I pray for healing.  I don’t know how – each one heals in their individual way - but I pray for them, wake up and stay up thinking of them.  Heal well dear ones…let’s heal well individually but more importantly, let’s heal well together. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Stuff, balance, focus...what?!

February 9, 2016

‘Stuff’ – I don’t want ‘stuff’ and yet I have ‘stuff’.  I have too much ‘stuff’…my brain is starting to process that I’m headed back to Budapest in 17 days…just over two weeks.  I have a suitcase that is already too full – how did THAT happen?  And what do I do to fix that…since I have yet to get my big jar of peanut butter or a box of graham crackers?  Really – it’s just stuff!  And yet I’m fairly sentimental so there are some things that were Mom’s…I want to take those but really maybe it's too much and then it once again becomes 'stuff'.

Life is a balance – and sometimes my life gets out of balance.  I hold onto things that perhaps I shouldn’t…so I have to work through that.  How to do that?  That leads to the question of what is my focus?  Is it my comfort, my sentiments…or the work I feel called to and others? 

I’ve spoken about refugees recently with groups of people and we talk about backpacks.  Most refugees only have a backpack…they left their lives, homes and ‘stuff’ behind and took a backpack.  So then I talk about my backpack and what I would pack in there…asking the question of others – what is in your backpack? 

And now here I am trying to fit ‘stuff’ into a big ‘ol suitcase..much more than a backpack.  Sweet Georgia Brown…is my life out of balance?...perhaps.  What is my focus?...perhaps I should examine that a bit as well.  It’s not easy – and I do miss that peanut butter and graham crackers in Budapest – crazy stuff.  It will work – I’m sure it will all work out – but for now – time to re-examine my focus and get in balance!
**Life is good, God is waaaay better**– that is a good first step to getting in focusJ.