Monday, January 26, 2015

Happenings, dreams, hurt, loss and awesomeness...

Oh The Places You’ll Go!  That is a popular graduation gift – it is a Dr. Seuss book, which is funny, and I so enjoy reading it.

‘And when things start to happen,
don’t worry.  Don’t stew.
Just go right along.
You’ll start happening too!’

Yes…it talks about slumps and loneliness along life’s roads which are facts of life but what joy it is to come out of those hard times!  I sent the YouTube link (see below) to my sister Susan and it reminded me of the time she and I were in a musical together – The Sound of Music.  Great fun…she was Maria and I was Mother Superior.  The song Climb Every Mountain has similar (more old school I suppose) words of wisdom:

Climb every mountain,
Ford every stream,
Follow every rainbow,
'Till you find your dream.
A dream that will need
All the love you can give,
Every day of your life
For as long as you live.

I’m not sure why I was pondering these things…I’m not in a slump or lonely but I do love going places and when things start happening going along with it (well..not everything)!  Also the concept of having a dream that will need all the love I can give is great to ponder and I feel that I’m living that out a bit.  I can give more I’m sure – but I’m learning how and what that means so I’m trusting I will go along with that as well!

January 17th I attended a presentation on the Holocaust, as January 27th is the anniversary date of the Auschwitz camp liberation.  Two speakers; one Jewish man that was in a concentration camp until he was 12 years old, and the other speaker’s father was a Nazi/SS prison guard.  Fascinating to hear their stories but the most fascinating was how they came through it – how can you live through that and still have a dream?  And if you still have a dream – how can you give all the love that it will need to have the dream fulfilled and become a reality?   World War II  (and following) is very real to Europeans…Eastern Europeans specifically.  I am not pretending to understand – but reading articles and hearing about events in Ukraine; it makes it a bit more real to this current day.  People are worried, how can borders of countries just be changed and taken over by others?  What is the intent of the Russians?  I have my opinions of course but more than the intent – where is all this leading?  It hurts me – and I keep thinking back to last year being in Ukraine and friends saying ‘we are in a revolution’.  Wow – revolution?  What is that?...I don’t know but they definitely knew.

January 19th of course was Martin Luther King Day in America – and he had a dream!  Many people had and still have that same dream.  Much love and life has been given for that dream.  I am of the belief we have more to go on that road… 

This past week was full – one pretty amazing thing was meeting at a Hungarian K-8 school where we are starting an English club with the 5th/6th and 7th/8th graders soon.  Who set that up?...the mayor of the town!  How amazing!?...He was invited/involved in the Christmas lunch for the community/shelter families so further meetings have taken place and he has asked for this.

On Monday, I got news that a dear friend of mine that had glioblastoma (brain tumors) passed away.  Oh my goodness…that is hard.  I met her in Sacramento but we grew up in Eastern Oregon about 70 miles away from each other!  Small world…she was from Burns, which is our (John Day) ‘rival’ so we always kidded each other about that.  We had many wonderful times and memories together – so I’m trusting time will heal the loss.  It is proving somewhat difficult being so far away.

This past weekend I got a chance to attend a retreat out in a Hungarian Village (Vajta-see side picture) and it was very nice.  Friday night and Saturday was kinda ugly and rainy but Sunday we woke up to a winter wonderland!  So beautiful and it just puts a whole different outlook for me on the weekend.  I enjoyed it all.  We came home to snow here too so it is all still pretty.

I think this is a bit long but it has been a while since I posted so a lot of happenings and thoughts.  I trust you are all well.  Life is good, God is waaaaay better and I believe He is the answer to how we can go through life with dreams intact and the ability to give the love that is needed to make them a reality.   

Much love to all. link below if you'd like!  

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Phone, atm, office and shelter - my little world!

Happy Wednesday!  I am feeling a bit more ‘settled’ today.  I got a SIM card for my phone and opened a bank account last week.  But the ‘data’ part of the phone wasn’t working (that’s why I have a smart phone right?!) and I didn’t have an ATM/Visa card so I couldn’t use the funds in my bank.  So I was thinking that everything was kind of uselessJ. 
I received my ATM/Visa card yesterday in the mail so Bob and I went back to the mall and got that activated and working as well as the data on my phone --- so now I feel like a functioning person.  Weird maybe but it makes a difference to have some simple things taken care of in my little world.

I have also started setting up the office where I am working so that feels a little comforting as well.
Printer?  - check
White board?  - check
Cork board? – check
My life is pretty much spreadsheets at the office up to this point.  A couple more years to do some entry/uploading – good stuff!  End of January is the goal then I think the fun will begin.  Doing some balancing of those uploads and getting more into the day to day/week to week processes that I need to do.

Last week was my first time to go to the kids shelter…it was awesome.  We get there with these sand art deals somebody donated (awesome) and some kids were in the room where we hang out but then all kinds of kids came out of the woodwork!  It was very fun – people around the table, on the floor – anywhere they could find.  Everybody had one to work on and I sat by this boy and I think he said his name was Gallagher!  How cool is that?...he was so patient with me…I would say a sand color in English and he would tell me in Hungarian.  Black = fekete, red = piros, blue = kek, yellow = sarga etc etc.  So we did that a few times and I can’t remember a thing (unless I write it down, study it, practice it and then it is still a challenge!) so then he would tell me ‘shemi bai’ which means ‘no problem or no worries’.  Isn’t that just so awesome?  What a kind, great kid right?  I hope I get to see him again tomorrow…we are going to go and make sock snowmenJ.  Found it on Pinterest and there are plenty of single socks in people’s homes so we are taking those with us to cut, fill with rice, tie up and decorate like snowmen.  Fun! least we hope the kids think so!

The winter here is VERY mild so far – I keep saying to people they can blame me (or give me credit).  When I was in Poland last year it was very mild as well according to the Polish and this California girl didn’t mind at all.  Same thing here…I don’t mind – it is quite alright with me to have high 40’s and into the 50’s each day (4-10 Celsius)J.

So I just thought I’d catch you up a bit of my happenings in Hungary.  Life certainly is interesting and changing daily but very good and as you know (or I hope so anyway!) God is waaaay better.  I trust your January is going well – almost half way through already…phew!  Take care.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hungarian - nem tu dom (mostly)!

Ertem is Hungarian for I understand.
Tu dom is Hungarian for I know. 
Nem tu dom is Hungarian for I don’t know.

--Nem tu dom what this year will bring…is that good?  Is that bad?  I really am in quite a state of ‘unknown’. 
--Nem tu dom what my ‘normal’ day looks like.  I actually anticipate no two will look alike!  Each day will bring new people, challenges, blessings, work to accomplish and things to enjoy!  I will find out soon enough as this week starts the ‘normal’ work routine.
--Nem tu dom when I will be going to Poznan, Poland.  Which in itself is probably okay but now that I’m on this side of the ocean; I feel so close and am very anxious to see the wonderful people…and enjoy the Sweet Surrender coffee shop again.  Maybe because it is now part of my ‘comfort zone’?  Nem tu dom but I look forward to being there sometime soon.
--Nem tu dom much obviouslyJ!  Tu dom that life is moving along – my family in Oregon and Idaho had a great Christmas and their lives are also getting back to their normal routine soon.  School and work is winding back up!  It has been great to see and communicate in various forms with them over these past couple of weeks. 
--Tu dom that life is good.  Holidays are good to gather, share, laugh, love and yet for some it is a difficult time.  I think of that often as I have some friends that holidays are not their favorite time.  Nem tu dom how to respond to that except to share, laugh and love with them more!  Because for me holidays are amazing – I suppose we all have our ‘limit’ which ertem but I cannot help but be very thankful for how our God is waaaaay better than anything else in life and that makes the holidays a special time to gather, share laugh and bask in His love!

--Tu dom I am thankful for you...enjoy your last hours/days of this season and may you start back to school/work etc with a renewed sense of joy.