Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Czesc - Polish word of the day :)

Wow...hard to believe I only have three days of work left at Pacific Coast!  This company has been so good to me...started in September 1986 and now it is October 2013 so 27 years!  A great company and amazing people to have worked with for that period of time.  Still surreal to me but I'm very excited and ready to head into this next 'season' of life.

The last blog entry I said there were decisions to be made...well - it has been a decision making month!  Let me tell has been awesome to see things work out and come together.  Ethiopia has not come together as previously thought or hoped for but that is still in process.  In the meantime my 'accountability team'  has affirmed and encouraged my desire to go work with my brother and sister-in-law in Poland!  Actually they live in Hungary but also work in Poland.  So that is the meaning of the greeting above...Czesc is 'hello' in Polish (pronounced tesh-ch).  So on November 20th I am headed to Hungary to stay with Bob, Coleen and Joshua for a bit and then the first week in December I will head up to Krakow, Poland.  I will be working in a coffee shop (Sweet Surrender is the name of it; close to the Schindler factory) and we are closed on Sunday because that is also where church is held!  Church planting/growth is the main goal through this community outreach at the coffee shop and hopefully teaching some conversational English on the side as well.

Yes...the climate and culture will not even be close to Ethiopia but I will actually be working with a team and learning a lot!  All in hopes to gain experience in this new calling of my life.  I am very thankful to MANY people...really - you all have been so amazing, name have been there!  So thank you for that - it certainly does help to know that people 'have my back' as it were.

I will be raising funds for this as well...letters are going out - and my home church (Fremont Presbyterian Church) has graciously offered to be my 'bank' as it were so all funds will go through there.  That allows people to get tax deductions and allows me to be accountable with donations!  If you feel so led - please feel free to send a donation to Fremont...5770 Carlson Drive/Sacramento, CA 95819.  Just put a note in there (not on the payment) that it is for me and/or Poland.  So - my calendar over the coming weeks/months is as follows:
November 1 - last day
November 6 - 12 --heading up to Oregon and Idaho to spend some time with my parents and sisters
November 15-17 - Okalahoma City for Cross Cultural Orientation Class
November 20 - fly to Budapest!
November 27 - Dec 1 - Turkey for area missionary meetings/gatherings
December - Krakow!
June 10 - current return flight date back to the states

Phew...there you have it.  So thank you once again and I will probably post more over the coming weeks...and definitely once I get to Poland!  Coffee shops are great for wireless connections...woo hoo! is good and I am a firm believer that God is way better.
Do widzenia (goodbye).

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What am I doing?!...and where am I going?!

One month left until I am done at Pacific Coast Supply!  Crazy to think that I've been there for 27 years and a month from now - just gone!  Excited? - definitely!  A little nervous? - defintely!  But ready for this next part of my life - definitely!
So my official last month at work was great but I did end up in tears when I bought a paper.  It was 'Shriner Hospital' Day for our local paper so there were people selling the Sacramento Bee at various intersections around town.  Wait...backup.  I went to get gas (at Arco of course) and put in my first problem; the machine took it.  Second bill - rejected it like 3 times - yes, of course I kept trying.  Finally gave in and just got what gas I could with the first bill.  See where this is going?....yes!  Then I drove through an intersection that was selling those Shriner papers and I was able to buy one since I had some cash!
I am a Shriner kid...was in the Shriner hospital (Portland) for surgery on my hands waaaayyyy back in the day.  I really don't remember it but my older sister Susan was in there at the same time (and I believe more times than I) and I remeber the nurses taking us to get ice cream together :).  Crazy memory but there I was buying the paper and just burst into tears!  I guess it was just a snapshot of my life and all that has appened, where I've been, where I've come and even more importantly where I have yet to go!
Several amazing people in my life have asked where that may be...where am I going?  It looks like the housing arrangements in Maasha, Ethiopia are not in place for me to return there in November.  So - having said that and of course my last day at Pacific Coast Supply being November 1st...what to do?  I have a great team of people that have been working with me on my next steps - how/when/where/why etc and so we are working on some options.  Better to be in the mission field gaining experience than staying stateside and not following my heart - right?  YES!
So that means some decisions - I do have a couple places I could be by mid-November that are not Ethiopia.   Very exciting work going on around the world and I'm excited to be considered to possibly be a part of it - yes, it would be on a volunteer basis so I will need to raise support.  How long?...not sure, thinking 6 months to a year at this point so maybe both opportunities could be a reality before I make it to Ethioipia.
Long story short - would appreciate your thoughts and prayers...wisdom and clarity right now would be a great thing.  Life is very good - and God is still (even when writing this in America!) is still waaayyyy better.