Monday, June 15, 2015

Bulldogs, lots of people, fans and back on track...

June 15, 2015
Here I sit in a mostly empty house…just me and Dude (the bulldog of the house).  He is scared of his own shadow and is mostly outside but does provide quite the entertainment from time to time. 

The past few weeks have been so awesome!  Joshua has graduated – this house and other houses were full with people celebrating Josh…from Ukraine, Poland and of course America – we had 16-19 every meal here for several days – fun!  The grad party was very fun (Josh and 3 of his friends/parents went together for the party so lots of people came…like 190’ish?)! Then we had a mad packing day – the house had to be packed and put into storage all in one day – quite a bit had already been done but it’s amazing how stuff just multiplies when you go to pack.  Isn’t that weird?  It is to me…by the end of the day you just start saying…is that really ours, or maybe we can just leave it?!  Crazy phenomena.  Anyway that is why I’m sitting in a mostly empty house.  The landlords had quite a bit of furniture that Bob and Colleen used so it is still here and I appreciate that.

And now everybody is gone!  Mom and Dad left first – I think they had a good time and it was good to have them here to celebrateJ.  Bob and Colleen are in the U.S. for a few months speaking (hope you can hear them, mostly in the western states and Michigan I believe!) and Josh with his brothers and girlfriends are traveling a bit around Europe.  They return to Budapest sometime Wednesday night and all fly out Thursday so hopefully I will get to hear a few stories anyway.

Today, Monday, I feel my life has kind of gotten back on track since I left for the U.S. on May 19th!  I’ve been going through my checklist of things to do and getting my summer schedule somewhat set.  I will be traveling to a couple countries to meet folks and seeing the various works going on.  The first country is Denmark – can you say A LOT cooler than Budapest (thank the Lord…) and a country of my roots (my maternal grandmother was Danish)!  I will be there a week attending camp and seeing a bit of Copenhagen etc.  I will also go to Germany for a couple more days of finance training…more detail information since we are virtually caught up now.  Then the hope/plan is to go to Croatia to visit folks and see the work going on there as well. 

But before the travel – I will be working at an English Camp that 23 Hungarian teenagers will be attending – and it sounds like I get the honor of planning most of the English activities/conversations etc for the kids…yikes!  I ‘happen’ to be at the house of friends yesterday and he teaches English to high school kids so he was very kind to share his ideas/resources with me so that is the plan tomorrow…put that all together and submit it to the organizers and see what they think.  I’m quite excited about it…we will be doing excursions around Budapest 2-3 of the days so some of the English will be ‘on the fly’ and very excursion topic related but…what fun! A church here in Budapest sponsors the camp so that is a bonus too – we can use Bible topics!  And along that line…the work at the shelter is going to continue this summer – yaaay! There are several people that are in town and have asked about keeping it going over the summer so I checked with the head of the shelter and she said sure. So Wednesday night it is – going with our water balloons and I think we will bring some English flash cards to start on that with the kids – good timesJ.

Life is good…albeit really hot and humid here in Budapest!  I read up on the average…60-65% June-August.  And – I don’t like heat …the past few days have been low 90’s and humid.  Today when I felt the breeze pick up, saw the clouds roll in and heard some thunder I was very thankful!  It cooled off quickly and I am convinced I was more productive the rest of the dayJ.  Oh – no air-conditioning in this house – did I mention that?  I love fans!  And…God is waaaaay better – even when I’m complaining about weather he is patient with me….!!!!

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