Monday, January 16, 2017

2 and 2017:)

New year…new me?  Probably not to be totally honest but I do like how 2017 is going so far.

I have been living in Hungary for two years.  Now who would have ever believed that when I took off from my amazing company and job of 27 years back in November 2013 that I would have lived six months in Poland, spent six months back in U.S. and then moved to Hungary for two years but planning/hoping on three!? I’m here to tell you – I love how life moves along.  And again to be totally honest, I love moving along with it.
So, of course, it must be said; life is good and God is waaaay betterJ. 
If you have read my blogs over the past few years you will notice that 2016 was lacking.  Yet another honest moment – 2016 was tough for me.  I’m not sure if I’m coming out of the fog yet from it all but I know that I will.  I know that I have hope and faith and love. 
There are several mission agencies that do not allow their volunteers and/or employees go ‘home’ (back to the US in my case) for 2 years.  I get that…I do.  Separation/clean separation is difficult but healthy.  On one hand – it’s true…my heart is torn but I have learned that I’m not the only one.  There are some amazing mission workers all over the world that have their hearts torn.  It is pretty much a fact of life in this are of work; crazy?  I don’t know; not sure if I ever will know or understand (being honest again).  On the other hand – in the past week I’ve had amazing confirmation that these past two years have been good…people’s lives have been touched and differences have been made.  Now maybe ever so slight differences but…yaaaaay!  God is waaaay better! J

So I’m blogging in these early morning hours (late night…I don’t like mornings) because I may not know what 2018 looks like – but I’m confident of being here, working and loving many Hungarians and their historical, beautiful country along with any other experiences that may come my way in THIS year…2017.