Monday, November 23, 2015

Free, thankful and breathing...

Free, thankful and breathing – that’s what I feel tonight .

Free - My time is free; after dinner I kind of wandered around for a while – what do I do since I don’t have my online class to do?  I must admit; it was a nice feeling.  My TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is over…woo hoo!  Man that took a lot of time!  It was worth it but I’m glad it’s over as well.

Thankful – I am very thankful for friends and family.  It has been a good past few weeks just basking in peace and the love of many people surrounding my family and me.  Thank you…!

Breathing – there have been a few moments that it seemed like that is all I could do was breathe!  I couldn’t really talk, think or move but I could breathe!  That’s a good thingJ.

It is good to be home with my parents in Oregon.  Mom rests quite a bit but is determined to do certain things each day – good, bad or indifferent!  I told her today that she reaps what she sows – I think she used to tell me growing up ‘you play, you pay’.  Ahhhh…life comes full circle – it’s good that wayJ.  Dad and I have been working – we will have 16 people here for Thanksgiving so that will be lots of people and fun.  Lots to do – so that’s good – we sleep well at night (at least I do, not sure when Dad sleeps to be quite honest)!  Looking forward to a good time had by all.

I must admit; I miss all the ‘goings on’ and people in Budapest and beyond in Europe.  It’s crazy to think I was there almost a year and I really kind of got attached to many people!  I look forward to being back there sometime but am really good with being here for now.

Life is good and I’m thankful for many people and places.  God is still waaaaaay better – so enjoy your Thanksgiving and may God truly bless you!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Mama - frieden (peace)

November 6, 2015

There is one word that I can use anywhere in the world and it seems to be understood – Mama.  And this blog is about just that…my Mama.  She called me 10 days ago with not great news – her cancer is back and in her bones.  Since that time she has had many tests and appointments and found out that the cancer is not in her organs or brain; the first reason I am thankful today.

So this ‘wave’ in life is a big one…we talked in our English Bible Study tonight about the waves of life.  We even made a little ‘ocean in a jar’ – you know…with water, food coloring and oil.  And I shared with these teenagers that I have come to know and love – about my Mom and the pain she is in.  I cried…they cried.  We prayed…not for healing even really…just peace.  It was amazing….

I recently was at a conference and was involved with doing the PowerPoint and songs etc on the ‘big screen’ – it was really big and there were lots of people which was awesome but nerve wracking at the same time.  But the guy I sat by was the sound guy and he was a rock (actually a German rock:).  I mean nothing got to him – he was efficient, good at his job and mostly very patient with me as I was learning a lot!  My favorite thing was that he taught me the German word for peace…frieden.  I like that….it sounds like ‘free’ and that is what I’m asking for my Mom…for her to be at peace – and free of pain whatever that may mean.  And her attitude is just that – she really is at peace.  It is really good to hear and see from afar.  But I must go and see and hear it in person.  So I am – I am leaving Hungary for a time…not sure how long but we’ll see how it goes.  I am in a place of service/life/whatever you want to call it that I can go and be with Mom and Dad; a second reason I am thankful today.

I do believe that life is good…my Mom believes that as well but mostly we believe together that God is waaaayyy better.  He is bringing that ‘frieden’ to my Mom – which is the third and final reason I am thankful today.