Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ugh (definitely not ode) to January...

So January is historically a ‘funk’ month for me.  I have a difficult time during the month of January – anybody else experience a period of time that is tough on them?  And here I am in beautiful Eastern Oregon – having a funk.  And I’m not saying it is pure depression but you know – not much motivation to get things done…just kind of plodding along from day to day.  There are highlights – especially this year with lots of cards coming in but that is tough too…I love to hear from people but some words just bring tears when they are about my Mom!  Then a trip to hang out with friends in Portland…that was fun…Skype with friends from Budapest - awesome, and next weekend amazing cousins are coming to be with our family…all good.  And yet…funk.

So – now what?  Well…Carol – pull yourself up and get moving!  That’s what is in my heart and mind.  Okay -  I started walking again…Mom and now Dad has this crazy dog…she never tires…so she goes with me.  I rode the four-wheeler up the hill to see some amazing scenery and try to wear out the crazy dog.  She did run a lot…I got kinda stuck, flooded the engine but eventually got it all worked out and made it home.  Later I made a trip downtown – this sleepy little town is definitely sleepy on Saturday mornings! 

I get to speak in church tomorrow so I worked on that…perhaps a bit on the emotional side but…it’s from the heart so that is where I’m at right now and in spite of me…God will work it out.  I get to speak several more times over the coming weeks, which will be very good.  That motivates me for sure…I don’t mind being in front of people…in fact I quite enjoy it and to speak of something that I have a lot of passion for is easy! 

Last but not least…I have a plan.  I get to work my way back to Budapest, via Salem, Sacramento, St. Louis and Chicago...precious time with friends and family all along the way.  So if all goes as planned; I will be back in Budapest February 27th.  I will hit the ground running with more friends, some house sitting – picking up on English classes etc still going on, refugee work, finance work…it will be good.  And not to forget – I still have to get up to Krakow to see Bob and Colleen’s new place – family!

That is how this crazy January ‘funk’ goes away for me…getting at life.  Life is good and God is waaaay better – He will help me heal and push me along to get through this crazy, stupid really funkJ.