Saturday, June 25, 2016

Changes, perspective, and learning...

So things are changing…this world is changing.  Is it that I’m getting older and I am more concerned with it all?  I maintain, as people get older they worry more or feel that things are more drastic/dramatic than others that are younger.  Is that what is happening in my heart and mind?  Is it my perspective that is changing?....what is it?!!!  I’m not sure…but as I sit here on a really hot and humid night in Budapest I see, hear and feel change. 

The United Kingdom – leaving the EU – that’s a change.  What are the ‘ripples’ that our world will feel from that?  The election in America coming up – that will be a change no doubt.  Again – what ‘ripples’ will be felt? 

And another ‘hot’ topic is the refugee situation around the world.  It really is around the is everywhere.   I have been honored to have been in Greece and Croatia listening, observing, serving, teaching, crying, praying, playing, aching….all with these people that are just so real and reaching out!  We talk of them collectively – which is a common action – but they really are all so different with their very own stories, hearts, families and it is all so very raw and real.   This is a big change in our world…biggest migration since WWII.  That’s big…what really are the ripple effects from this?  We are still feeling ripples from WWII to be quite honest.

I sit here whining and complaining in my hot house – with no air-conditioning…but fairly thankful for several fans and a small pool in the back yard.  I remember just 2 weeks ago…we were in camps that were rows of tents in warehouses with only porta potties and sinks for water.  What is my perspective?  How do the changes in our world and my personal experiences and people that I love, treasure and meet shape that perspective?  Those things are all changing as well….and so I trust I am learning.  I am learning more about change, about perspective, about life, about people and their cultures and how those mix (or sometimes don’t) with other people and cultures.  It is all simply amazing to me – I love it. 

I am reminded yet again that life is good – even with the changes and various perspectives – and beyond a shadow of a doubt – God is waaaaay better.  He is in that change, He is in our perspectives – He is in this good life:).