Friday, May 27, 2016

Jam! Lekvár!

Jam!  Lekvár!

That is what I am doing this morning…making strawberry (eper) jam.  I don’t even really like strawberries!  But for some reason I wanted to make jam.  I LOVE raspberry jam and I may be able to make that…but I won’t be here much from this point forward and raspberries will be ready a bit later in the summer. So strawberries it is this beautiful day.

So – why blog about jam?  Partly – because I haven’t blogged since early April and thought it was time.  Partly – I was so excited that I actually found the pectin in the store and if it turns out ok (questionable at this point…too sweet?, won’t set up?...oi!) I will be very happy!  This country of Hungary is amazingly beautiful and adjusting to life here has not been too difficult.  But let me say this – it IS a different culture, with a different language, currency, mindset and sometimes; like when attempting to make jam, I bask in the victories!

I would be amiss if I didn’t mention my Momma in this process; I could hear her say ‘don’t make mush’! Of course there were other things I could hear her say…but suffice it to say it brought great joy thinking about Mom through the process. 
Of course that leads to the whole family and I head to Chicago for my nephew Michael’s wedding next week….a wedding!  My first nephew to get married and now my brother, wife and sons will finally have a daughter/sister in the family!  I’m excited but incredulous at the same time…how absolutely good life is and of course; how waaaaaay better God is!

So may you buy some strawberries, eat them or make jam – enjoy!  And of course have a wonderful summer with all the produce we have been provided in our bountiful land – wherever we are in the world.