Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pain, youth and aging...random? Igen (yes)!

I don’t even know what or how I’m going to write as I begin typing this.  It’s just that I read through my past blogs and I miss blogging!  Truth be told, I send out a monthly update letter too; tonight I started telling stories in that and I miss that too! 

So the first topic (kinda real)….pain.  I have talked to a friend here that I’m getting to know better and she’s had a rough childhood…painful childhood.  She has a lot of healing to be going on.  I have another friend that just had back surgery – he has been in a lot of pain and after surgery had instant relief.  He has healing to be going on as well but…he’s on his way.  I have a knee that my rheumatologist tells me – ‘this one ain’t going to heaven with you Carol’.  I laugh every time he says that and reply ‘At least I’m going to heaven’!  That particular knee has been fairly painful this spring so I have some healing to be going on as well.

Second topic…youth.  I serve here in Hungary with 2 families; 1 family with 4 daughters…all high school/college age.  The other family has 2 boys…2 years and 3 months.  WOW – I relive times with my nephews and nieces with these families.  Amazing…I love them all!  I think oh how much I love the little ones and then I spend time with the teenagers and I love them even more!  It just seems like they get better as they get older – I love all the ages!  At this very moment I am sitting at a table with the high school girls painting on canvas with acrylic paints.  Correction; I’m not painting, these girls are and it is awesome.  Same family, same parents, but NOT the same!  Amazing – their paintings vary just like their actual beingsJ.  I have to give credit to God here…amazing creations!

Third topic…aging.  Yes…it is true…prayerfully it happens to all of us.  Some are taken young – which breaks my heart.  For some reason – this girl that grew up in a tiny town in Oregon but lived most of her life in California (shows the aging part) is aging a bit.  It’s crazy…there are some things that kind of stink…like the hot flashes for example.  There is one thing that comes with age…experience and again, prayerfully, wisdom with that experience.  I have a ways to go but I gotta tell you, various experiences teach like no other and I really like to be a student in this case! 

All of this to say…life is rolling, life is waaaay good and God is even waaaaay better!

That’s it….have a great month of May!

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